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Author Topic: Real Great Brain Training Challenges  (Read 328 times)


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Real Great Brain Training Challenges
« on: June 29, 2017, 08:49:02 AM »
I totally believe that there is nothing more important that any of us can do than to engage in great brain training, not just my GBT program, but "great"  brain training in general.

Why is great brain training so important?


It seems ridiculous to ask the question and have this answer, but the fact remains that "brain training" as I am discussing here is NOT mentioned anywhere that I can find (and I have looked and looked), and it is NOT the same as education (though education is PART OF great brain training.

Ok, so you agree, right, that all of your behavior depends on the use of your brain, and that practically every human being on earth likely agrees as well.

Then why isn't everybody doing it?  [I am NOT talking about brain games and exercises; those are only a small part of great brain training.]

The Challenges

1. People haven't thought much about it.
2. People are pretty much ok with how they are doing.
3. Information overload--It is too much.
4. Lack of confidence--It is too difficult.
5. Denial--We don't really need it.
6. Ignorance--It makes no sense.

The above list of challenges is formidable even if you agree 100% with the need for- and value of great brain training.

The  (BIG, VERY BIG) problem is that the need for great brain training is more urgent than ever, and there may not be much time left to get with it!

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