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Author Topic: Martha Stout, Myth of Sanity: Divided Consciousness and Promise of Awareness  (Read 328 times)


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When you are sorting through "the most important books" anybody ought to read to train your brain to be great" what/who would you recommend somebody read first?

Peter Wohlleben's Hidden Life of Trees?  I threw that in even though it supposedly has nothing to do with the human brain, or does it?  Perhaps it deserves to be first on the list.

Martha Stout's book on multiple personalities is very high on my list because I believe that, in a very real way, we all have "multiple personalities", meaning neural networks that represent a separated personality within our selves.

As somebody who completed advanced training in clinical psychology, and some neuro-psychology, I had been skeptical about the multiple personality phenomenon until I read Martha's book.

Today we know that the brain is modular in its construction with many cross connections.  In the abstract that sounds great, but I do not believe that we can practically "wrap our minds" around the actual complexity of how that works.

There is nothing iike reading about the real-life human beings who figuratively and concretely struggle with their personality "modules" to get some understanding about the workings of the brain has it affects our behavior.

This is definitely a book to buy if you have any interest in learning something about your self and your potential.

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